The New SEC Climate Change Rule

By Andy May On March 22, 2022 the SEC released a new rule for public comment that would require public companies to report the climate-related impact of their businesses. Since it has been well established in multiple IPCC reports that the human impact on climate has never been observed, only modeled, this seems unnecessary. TheContinue reading “The New SEC Climate Change Rule”

A Critique of Bill Gates’ New Book

By Andy May Bill Gates just published a new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. He begins his book with the assertion that “To stop the warming and avoid the worst effects of climate change—and these effects will be very bad—humans need to stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.” He continues that everyContinue reading “A Critique of Bill Gates’ New Book”

Adaptation is more profitable than mitigation has just issued a nice press release about the idea of preparing to adapt to climate changes, rather than the more controversial idea of destroying the fossil fuel industry in the hope that reducing CO2 emissions will somehow make the climate better. So far we have been unable to measure the influence of additionalContinue reading “Adaptation is more profitable than mitigation”

Do We Really Have Only 12 Years to Live?

By Andy May Why have uninformed celebrities and politicians been telling everyone, who will listen, we are all going to die in a climate catastrophe in 10 to 30 years? U.N. General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés of Ecuador warned us that: “We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damages to ourContinue reading “Do We Really Have Only 12 Years to Live?”

Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

By Andy May This is the seventh and last post in my series on the hazards of climate change. In this post we examine the effects of climate change on glaciers and sea level rise. The first six examined the effect of humans on the environment, the effect of the growing human population, climate changeContinue reading “Glaciers and Sea Level Rise”

Global Warming and Extreme Weather

By Andy May In this post, the sixth of seven, we will discuss the connection between climate change and extreme weather. In previous posts, we’ve discussed whether humans are harming the environment, whether our population is growing too fast, the cost of global warming, are species extinctions increasing, and climate related mortality. In the IPCCContinue reading “Global Warming and Extreme Weather”

Climate-related Deaths and Insecurity

By Andy May In the cartoon the guy being tortured is saying “OKAY! I believe mankind causes global warming!”  The priest is saying “Very well… give the heretic back his research funds.”  The cartoon is by Cox and Forkum (2007) In this post we will discuss the assertion that there will be more climate-related deathsContinue reading “Climate-related Deaths and Insecurity”

Calculating the Cost of Global Warming

By Andy May Hopefully, the first two posts in this series, “Do humans harm the environment” and “Population Growth and the Food Supply” have convinced the reader that man-made climate change and global warming are not an existential threat to humanity or the planet. This leaves us in a discussion of the cost of globalContinue reading “Calculating the Cost of Global Warming”

Population Growth and the food supply

By Andy May This is the second of seven posts on the potential costs and hazards of human-caused global warming and the impact of humans on the environment. The first post is on humans and the environment (here). The IPCC WGII AR5 Technical Summary, defines “hazards” as follows on page 39: “The potential occurrence ofContinue reading “Population Growth and the food supply”

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