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Andy May is a writer.

He is a retired petrophysicist and has published four books. He worked on oil, gas and CO2 fields in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, China, UK North Sea, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Russia. He specialized in shale petrophysics, fractured reservoirs, wireline and core image interpretation and capillary pressure analysis, besides conventional log analysis. His full resume is here: AndyMay

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  1. Dear Andy May,
    let me introduce myself as the translator of your articles into German. I consider your contributions as of utmost importance. I am a meteorologist, subject weather analysis and -forecasting – and a climate realist from the beginning.
    Just in case…
    Best regards Chris Frey

  2. I have a climate science and energy blog where I present the best articles I read online each day. So far this month, a surprising number of them from WUWT had the byline “Andy May”. I have never seen one author turn out so many consistently good articles in one month, and the month is not yet over. That’s based on 25 years of cleat science reading.

    The WUWT articles did not seem to mention that you had a website, but I looked for one anyway, and discovered you did. So I searched for, and discovered, you had your own website today. And learned that you are a retired, which I suspected, with so many articles. And a Ph.D., which surprised me, because you don’t have the usual tedious “Ph.D. writing style”.

    I’m writing to say “keep up the good work”, at this incredible pace so far in March 2022, if it can continue. I hope you have no problem with me presenting edited versions of some of your articles on my blog — but not the day you publish them.

    That’s what you get for writing so many good articles. From now on, I’ll provide a link to your your website, instead of a link to WUWT. I’m also going to recommend your website as a bookmark for my readers. Something I’ve only done once before. I’ve had close to 300,000 visits in the past few years and hope lots of my readers start viewing your website regularly.

    My short edited version of your latest article is here:


    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan

    1. Thanks for the very kind words, Richard and feel free to repost any of my work that you like, with attribution. I appreciate it when people mention my personal site as well. I’m not sure where on my site that you got the impression that I have a PhD, I do not. My only college degree is a BS in Geology from the University of Kansas.

  3. A BS degree is good enough for me.

    I have a BS degree too.
    (detecting BS, not spouting BS)

    And a Finance MBA.
    Retired at age 51 in January 2005.
    Discovered that I was allergic to work.

    I read many articles on your website before
    recommending it, and one mentioned a Ph.D.
    I just realized that article was by Javier, not you.

    I don’t care about degrees.
    I look for common sense, logic, consistency
    and no wild guess predictions of the future climate.
    If the author insults a leftist Climate Alarmist
    once in a while — that gets bonus points !

    That Javier article was
    the only one I didn’t care for
    — deliberately trying
    to get Covid infected?
    Who does that?
    The article was good
    until that point.

    That RSS arbitrary revision
    in either 2015 or 2016
    steered me to UAH.

    The WUWT articles ought to start
    with a link to your website.

    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan

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