Tom Nelson Interviews Javier Vinós

By Andy May Tom Nelson interviewed Dr. Javier Vinós on January 31, 2023, the interview can be seen here. Or click on the image below. Part of the interview was a prepared presentation. The text and some of the illustrations from Javier’s presentation are given below. The recorded interview has more illustrations and information thanContinue reading “Tom Nelson Interviews Javier Vinós”

The Climate Alarmist’s Greatest Fear

By Andy May Is it just me, or are the climate alarmists more unhinged than usual lately? Al Gore screaming about boiling oceans and rain bombs is just part of it. As Eric Worral has reported, the BBC blamed global warming for the lack of snow, just after they blamed global warming for colder winters.Continue reading “The Climate Alarmist’s Greatest Fear”

Billionaires and your natural gas stove

By Andy May More on the environmental group’s plot against your natural gas stove in an exclusive Washington Times article here. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund hosted a meeting between them and dozens of high-ranking state officials at the Rockefeller mansion in Pocantico, New York. (added 1/27/2023) Robert Bryce has investigated a new far left NGOContinue reading “Billionaires and your natural gas stove”

2022, Seventh Warmest Year: Warming Slows Down

Guest Post by Javier Vinós For those that prefer it, Chris Frey has translated this post into German here. No minimally informed person denies that climate changes. The climate has always changed. Since 1860 the predominant climate change has been warming, which is fortunate because if we had a winter like those of 1800-1850, weContinue reading “2022, Seventh Warmest Year: Warming Slows Down”

Energy Use 2020 to 2021

By Andy May We now have another year of energy consumption data, what does it tell us? The graph from is shown below: Energy use is going up. Are we transitioning to renewables? Do renewables matter? See the change from 2020 to 2021 below: Total global energy use increased 8,650 TeraWatt-hours in 2021 andContinue reading “Energy Use 2020 to 2021”

Clintel’s intervention in the Friends of the Earth – Shell Lawsuit

By Andy May Friends of the Earth (Netherlands) sued Royal Dutch Shell, using The Netherlands law that allows non-governmental organizations to sue over environmental or social issues that affect all citizens. They won a judgement that ordered Shell to reduce its emissions in 2030 by 45% compared to 2019. The reduction includes the emissions byContinue reading “Clintel’s intervention in the Friends of the Earth – Shell Lawsuit”

Willie Soon speaks at the University of Chicago

By Andy May Dr. Willie Soon gave a great presentation at the Federalist Society Chapter at the University of Chicago Law School on November 18, 2022. The title of his talk is: “The Corruption of Environmental Rulemakings at the US EPA: Climate Change, Mercury Emissions, and Air Quality” Willie Soon, 2022 Dr. Soon’s slide deckContinue reading “Willie Soon speaks at the University of Chicago”

Three Climate Debates, Three Wins

Steve Koonin participated in three recent debates of the resolution: “Climate science compels us to make large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.” Koonin went three for three! They were all Oxford style debates with the audience polled before and after, and in every debate, the agrees went down and the disagrees went up.Continue reading “Three Climate Debates, Three Wins”

Greenpeace Crimes and Lies, Updated

By Andy May This is the transcript of my interview with Hügo Krüger. If you prefer you can view and listen to the podcast here. These two books, Patrick Moore’s Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout, my book, Politics and Climate Change: A History, and the Heartland Report on the Greenpeace business model by Michael, Ronan,Continue reading Greenpeace Crimes and Lies, Updated

Meridional Transport, the most fundamental climate variable

By Andy May “The atmospheric heat transport on Earth from the Equator to the poles is largely carried out by the mid-latitude storms. However, there is no satisfactory theory to describe this fundamental feature of the Earth’s climate.” (Barry, Craig, & Thuburn, 2002) This is the transcript of the talk I gave in Tom Nelson’sContinue reading “Meridional Transport, the most fundamental climate variable”

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