Wall Street Journal Article on Exxon’s “beliefs”

By Andy May Open letter to the authors of the Wall Street Journal article: “Inside Exxon’s Strategy to Downplay Climate Change,” by Christopher M. Matthews and Collin Eaton. Dear Mr. Matthews and Mr. Eaton, I was quite surprised to see your article in the news section of the September 14, 2023 issue of the WallContinue reading “Wall Street Journal Article on Exxon’s “beliefs””

A Twitter Debate on Clintel’s IPCC AR6 Critique

By Andy May In May 2023, Clintel published a book (see figure 1) criticizing AR6 (IPCC, 2021), a publication that was supposed to summarize climate science research to date. We found that AR6 was biased in its reporting of recent developments in climate science, and they ignored published research contrary to their narrative that humansContinue reading “A Twitter Debate on Clintel’s IPCC AR6 Critique”

Climate Feedback Fact Checks CO2 Coalition

By Andy May The Climate Feedback website critiques my CO2Coalition article “Attributing global warming to humans.” Their factcheck is here. Like most “fact checks” these days it is a thinly disguised opinion piece. The statement that they claim is incorrect is: “There is no evidence, other than models, that human CO2 emissions drive climate changeContinue reading “Climate Feedback Fact Checks CO2 Coalition”

Managing personal COVID risk

By Javier 1. My credentials I started my scientific career doing research on a virus in the early 80s. It was an interesting bacteriophage called phi29. A paper published in 1986 included my work with that virus. Afterwards I obtained my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and proceeded to acquire, over the next fewContinue reading “Managing personal COVID risk”

False and misleading “fact check” about Connolly, et al., 2021

By Andy May Dr. Ronan Connolly and his co-authors respond to obvious false claims, in a supposed “fact check” about their latest paper on how solar variability may be affecting the climate. We applaud Dr. Ronan Connolly, Dr. Willie Soon, and Dr. Michael Connolly for rapidly and publicly calling out this fraudulent fact check. MisinformationContinue reading “False and misleading “fact check” about Connolly, et al., 2021”

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

This is a re-post from the CO2 Coalition, here. Re-posted with permission. [Ed. Note] The number of opinion pieces disguised as “Fact Checks,” and the use of them to censor one side of scientific debates has reached epidemic proportions. We need to fight back against this abhorrent trend. Science is all about debate. The debateContinue reading “Fact Checking the Fact Checkers”

Scientific American steps in it

By Andy May The left-wing Scientific American published a so-called review of Steven Koonin’s new book, Unsettled, by a number of prominent left-wing scientists. The article is headed by the mandatory sunset photo of steam coming out of powerplant chimneys. The article is not really a review, their substantive claims are very weak, it isContinue reading “Scientific American steps in it”

Fact checking Steven Koonin’s Fact Checkers

By Andy May The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a review of Steven Koonin’s new book Unsettled on April 25, a little over a week before it went on sale. A blog called “Climate Feedback” published a “Fact Check” of the book review on May 3rd, the day before the book came out. This so-calledContinue reading “Fact checking Steven Koonin’s Fact Checkers”

A Critique of Bill Gates’ New Book

By Andy May Bill Gates just published a new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. He begins his book with the assertion that “To stop the warming and avoid the worst effects of climate change—and these effects will be very bad—humans need to stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.” He continues that everyContinue reading “A Critique of Bill Gates’ New Book”

Vox and the NY Times claim American White Men are more dangerous than Islamic Terrorists

By Andy May The NY Times and Vox make up false statistics that call white men more dangerous than Muslim terrorists. We now read that white American men are the biggest terrorist threat in the USA in Vox. Is this true? Reading further we see the writer chose the eight-month period since Trump took office,Continue reading “Vox and the NY Times claim American White Men are more dangerous than Islamic Terrorists”

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