Politics and Climate Change

What some readers say:

Dr. Patrice Poyet: “This book is a must-have for any person interested in the history of what is called climate science and of the people who contributed to shaping the dominant ideas of our time. It also describes how the power struggles of various influential groups determined where we stand today.” Read the rest of Dr. Poyet’s review here.

William Happer, the Princeton Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, emeritus
“Andy May’s book ‘Politics and Climate Change, a History,’ should be required reading for every thoughtful American, who wants the best for our country. The new Biden administration has made climate-change alarmism a key part of its agenda. This wonderfully researched book clarifies the sordid reality of the climate-change establishment, with its power-lusting politicians, greedy “non-profits” like Greenpeace, and sadly misinformed hordes of true believers. There are also charming sketches of many honest scientists, from Tyndall to Revelle, who made important contributions to our current understanding of climate. The discussions of climate science itself are generally accurate, well-illustrated and brief.”

Professor Frank Hansen, emeritus, Copenhagen University, Math and Physics:
“The one thing that becomes crystal clear is that the science is not settled, and the debate is not over.”

Christian Freuer (aka Chris Frey) at EIKE in Germany says Andy May “mastered the art of bringing everything to the point in a way that is: a) understandable even for laypeople and b) scientifically sound.”

David Siegel (author, public speaker, and entrepreneur) writes “I highly recommend everyone read this book by Andy May, it is so well researched. Anyone who disagrees with this book has not read it.”

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Andy May

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