The political corruption of science

Here are the stories of the political corruption of science. Politicians forge a consensus, they use persuasion, intimidation, and avoid or suppress debate. Debating an issue leads to education, it shows the question is more complex than it appears, it makes the public consider all sides. Education leads to caution, not action. The politician wants a decision, he wants action, so no debate. Once the consensus is formed, the public votes, laws are passed, regulations issued, the minority concedes, and conflict is avoided.

Science is not a belief and not designed or confirmed by a vote. It exists to challenge the consensus view. It is how one person can show the overwhelming majority are mistaken. Scientists do not vote, they debate. They gather facts, make observations, analyze the data, and try to show the consensus opinion is wrong. Politicians and scientists don’t mix. They are like fire and water, opposites.

But, what happens when the government becomes the sole source of research money?

Politicians control scientific research and research outcomes today. They selectively fund projects that look for potential disasters, ideally global disasters. People and journalists love disaster stories. If you frighten people enough, they will give up their rights for security, increasing government power.

Scientists have migrated from research that helps people, to researching catastrophes, no matter how remote the possibility. Science has devolved from improving human lives to developing plots for disaster movies.

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Andy May