Critical comments by Happer and Lindzen on the SEC Rule

By Andy May Marcel Crok, co-founder of CLINTEL, a Dutch foundation, ask me to explain the U.S. controversy over the proposed SEC climate change rule for European audiences. Both the rule and the controversy are complicated, but I did my best. See the essay at here.

Climate Feedback Fact Checks CO2 Coalition

By Andy May The Climate Feedback website critiques my CO2Coalition article “Attributing global warming to humans.” Their factcheck is here. Like most “fact checks” these days it is a thinly disguised opinion piece. The statement that they claim is incorrect is: “There is no evidence, other than models, that human CO2 emissions drive climate changeContinue reading “Climate Feedback Fact Checks CO2 Coalition”

A post is banned

By Andy May In 2017 I wrote a post analyzing the data and literature surrounding the human impact on Earth’s environment. The analysis uses the U.N. IPCC’s definition of environmental harm. The sources are peer-reviewed articles or government and U.N. agencies. It is a very straightforward reporting of the facts and data. That Linkedin bannedContinue reading “A post is banned”

National Review wins, Michael Mann loses!

By Andy May The D.C. Superior Court dismissed Michael Mann’s lawsuit against the National Review today in a definitive way. The National Review was sued by Mann over a blog post that Mark Steyn posted in 2012 criticizing Mann’s work. Mark Steyn was not a National Review employee, and no one at the magazine hadContinue reading “National Review wins, Michael Mann loses!”

A Critique of Bill Gates’ New Book

By Andy May Bill Gates just published a new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. He begins his book with the assertion that “To stop the warming and avoid the worst effects of climate change—and these effects will be very bad—humans need to stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.” He continues that everyContinue reading “A Critique of Bill Gates’ New Book”

Adaptation is more profitable than mitigation has just issued a nice press release about the idea of preparing to adapt to climate changes, rather than the more controversial idea of destroying the fossil fuel industry in the hope that reducing CO2 emissions will somehow make the climate better. So far we have been unable to measure the influence of additionalContinue reading “Adaptation is more profitable than mitigation”

The CO2 Kink; Firn to Ice Transition

Guest Post by Renee Hannon Introduction This post examines CO2 data collected in Antarctic firn and its journey as firn transitions to ice where CO2 is eventually trapped in bubbles. Atmospheric gases within the firn and trapped in bubbles are smoothed due to gas mixing processes with depth and time. The bubble trapping zone, alsoContinue reading “The CO2 Kink; Firn to Ice Transition”

Comparing USCRN and nClimDiv to USCHN

By Andy May Steven Mosher complained about my previous post on the difference between the final and raw temperatures in the conterminous 48 states (CONUS) as measured by NOAA’s USCHN. That post can be found here. Mosher’s comment is here. Mosher said the USHCN is no longer the official record of the CONUS temperatures. ThisContinue reading “Comparing USCRN and nClimDiv to USCHN”

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