The New SEC Climate Change Rule

By Andy May

On March 22, 2022 the SEC released a new rule for public comment that would require public companies to report the climate-related impact of their businesses. Since it has been well established in multiple IPCC reports that the human impact on climate has never been observed, only modeled, this seems unnecessary. The climate models, used by the IPCC and NOAA to “compute” the human impact on climate have already been invalidated by Dr. Ross McKitrick and Dr. John Christy in their well-known 2020 Earth and Space Science peer-reviewed paper.

As you might imagine I had quite a lot more to say about this foolish rule that forces companies to make up costs that have an imaginary effect on an imaginary modeled climate future. You can find it in my Washington Examiner op-ed, here.

To read the full uncut Author’s version of the op-ed, see here.

Published by Andy May

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