Northern and Southern Hemisphere Warming

By Andy May It is common for the news media and consensus scientists to report global average surface temperatures without mentioning that both the warming rate and average temperatures vary a lot around the Earth over one year. For example, Earth’s global average surface temperature varies about 7° F every year. The rate also variesContinue reading “Northern and Southern Hemisphere Warming”

Satellite and Surface Temperatures

By Andy May In the Great Climate Change Debate between Professor David Karoly and Professor Will Happer, Glenn Tamblyn was called upon to finish the consensus side of the debate after Karoly backed out. The details are described in my latest book. The debate contained an illuminating exchange of opinions on satellite versus surface temperatureContinue reading “Satellite and Surface Temperatures”

Comparing AR5 to AR6

By Andy May The IPCC AR5 report was published in 2013 and the CMIP5 climate models they used, have been shown to predict faster warming than observed in the tropical troposphere at a statistically significant level by Ross McKitrick and John Christy.[1] This problem is acknowledged and discussed in the latest AR6 report, published inContinue reading “Comparing AR5 to AR6”

Climate Model Democracy

By Andy May In my last post, I explained how the IPCC attempts to use climate models to show humans have caused the recent global warming. Models are useful for testing scientific ideas, but they are not proof an idea is correct unless they successfully and accurately predict future events. See the story of ArthurContinue reading “Climate Model Democracy”

Attributing global warming to humans

The featured cartoon is by Josh, who graciously gave me permission to use it, his website is here. This cartoon is in Josh’s 2022 calendar, I think he still has a few to sell. By Andy May My latest book,[1] just released, is about a climate change debate between Professor David Karoly of the UniversityContinue reading “Attributing global warming to humans”

ExxonMobil Strikes Back!

By Andy May Update: Unfortunately, the Texas Supreme Court declined to review the court of appeals decision that the California governments do not have sufficient minimum contacts with Texas. This means the court cannot intervene in the case. However, the lower appeals court did say, according to the Texas Civil Justice League: “The court ofContinue reading “ExxonMobil Strikes Back!”

Managing personal COVID risk

By Javier 1. My credentials I started my scientific career doing research on a virus in the early 80s. It was an interesting bacteriophage called phi29. A paper published in 1986 included my work with that virus. Afterwards I obtained my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and proceeded to acquire, over the next fewContinue reading “Managing personal COVID risk”

Should Government Control Scientific Research?

By Andy May This is the transcript of a talk I gave to the ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) South Texas Section January 20, 2022 Federal money allows unelected bureaucrats to control scientific research. They dictate the projects, and often the outcomes. They use selective leaks to the press to embarrass anyone whoContinue reading “Should Government Control Scientific Research?”

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