What’s below the Greenland Ice?

By Andy May An interesting PNAS article discusses the deepest portion of the Camp Century Greenland Ice core. It is not paywalled. The researchers, led by Andrew Christ (Dept. of Geology, University of Vermont) found evidence of an ice-free vegetated environment at the base of the Camp Century ice core roughly one million years ago.Continue reading “What’s below the Greenland Ice?”

Is “Climate Change” science or pseudoscience?

I have a new op-ed in the Washington Examiner today that questions whether “climate change,” as commonly defined today, is a scientific concept. The op-ed is a very brief summary of a longer post on the topic here. The longer post contains all the references and links to supporting material, including a link to KarlContinue reading “Is “Climate Change” science or pseudoscience?”

Climate Feedback Fact Checks CO2 Coalition

By Andy May The Climate Feedback website critiques my CO2Coalition article “Attributing global warming to humans.” Their factcheck is here. Like most “fact checks” these days it is a thinly disguised opinion piece. The statement that they claim is incorrect is: “There is no evidence, other than models, that human CO2 emissions drive climate changeContinue reading “Climate Feedback Fact Checks CO2 Coalition”

America’s Huge Natural Gas Reserves

By Andy May Greg Wrightstone, the Managing Director of the CO2 Coalition, has a new blog post describing the sadly underdeveloped super-giant natural gas fields along the U.S. East Coast. The combination of the Marcellus and Utica Shale reservoirs have more recoverable gas than any other gas field in the world, except for South Pars/NorthContinue reading “America’s Huge Natural Gas Reserves”

The SEC climate change proposal is not grounded in science, Author’s Cut

By Andy May This is the full uncut version of the op-ed I wrote for the Washington Examiner, here. On March 22, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a new rule for public comment (File Number S7-10-22) that would require public companies to report the climate-related impact of their businesses. Since it hasContinue reading “The SEC climate change proposal is not grounded in science, Author’s Cut”

The New SEC Climate Change Rule

By Andy May On March 22, 2022 the SEC released a new rule for public comment that would require public companies to report the climate-related impact of their businesses. Since it has been well established in multiple IPCC reports that the human impact on climate has never been observed, only modeled, this seems unnecessary. TheContinue reading “The New SEC Climate Change Rule”

Why I left Linkedin.com

Like many of my friends, I’ve decided to leave linkedin.com. They removed two recent posts of mine, one of them was an announcement of this post. Their stated excuse was: “your content goes against our Professional Community Policies” I studied their “Professional Community Policies” and did not see how I had violated any of them.Continue reading “Why I left Linkedin.com”

An Alternative view of the 2020 Election

By Andy May In my last post I discussed a peer-reviewed study of the 2020 election by Dr. John L. Lott. It examined the vote totals in six critical states that were accused of voter fraud due primarily to illegally changing voter procedures and inadequately verifying the authenticity of the votes cast. Texas filed aContinue reading “An Alternative view of the 2020 Election”

The Story of my Books

My friend and publisher Dr. Martin Capages Jr. asked me to write the story behind my books for his blog. You can find the post here. The thought of writing a book, let alone four of them, had never crossed my mind until Martin encouraged me to write the first one. It has been quiteContinue reading “The Story of my Books”

A Peer-Reviewed Statistical Analysis of the 2020 Election

By Andy May Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reported on a new peer-reviewed paper that analyzes the results of the 2020 election and found Biden received 255,000 excess votes. It has been accepted for publication by the journal Public Choice and was written by Dr. John R. Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center.Continue reading “A Peer-Reviewed Statistical Analysis of the 2020 Election”

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