Are we in a Recession?

By Andy May I was annoyed at the news media arguments about whether we are in a recession. The news media are supposed to explain things, not confuse everyone with silly quotes from competing “experts.” Every freaking thing these days is political, but as someone who makes his living by investing, I need to knowContinue reading “Are we in a Recession?”

Koonin-Dessler Debate

By Andy May Andrew Dessler and Steven Koonin will debate the resolution “Climate science compels us to make large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.” Dessler will take the affirmative, and Koonin will take the negative. Dessler is a Professor of Atmospheric Science at Texas A&M University and Koonin is a Professor of CivilContinue reading “Koonin-Dessler Debate”

The EU’s Green Experiment

By Andy May The GWPF has just released a new report, written by John Constable describing the economic impact of their green policies, and it isn’t pretty. Some highlights: EU electricity prices to households are 80% above the rest of the G20, and EU industrial prices are 30% above the G20, natural gas prices toContinue reading “The EU’s Green Experiment”

Ability of mankind to solve problems is beyond imagination

Message to governments: Don’t kill human creativity with political stupidity By Franco Battaglia and Guus Berkhout This is from an interview of Professor Guus Berkhout by Professor Franco Battaglia, published July 20, 2022 in La Verità, a daily newspaper in Italy. Berkhout is a retired professor of geophysics from the Technical University of Delft andContinue reading “Ability of mankind to solve problems is beyond imagination”

The Two-Degree Limit

By Andy May For decades We have been told that we must not let global warming exceed two degrees Celsius above the “pre-industrial” global average temperature. Recently the IPCC lowered this limit to 1.5°C. In the latest IPCC report, called AR6, pre-industrial is defined as before 1750, but they use global temperatures from 1850-1900 asContinue reading “The Two-Degree Limit”

Be Proud that we Excel

And you thought the United States had problems … By Guus Berkhout The Netherlands has become a prosperous country by excelling in many sectors. That excellence was based on a well-educated population. Think of the professionals in our public transport, who are widely praised for their punctuality and comfort. I also mention the engineers inContinue reading “Be Proud that we Excel”

Critical comments by Happer and Lindzen on the SEC Rule

By Andy May Marcel Crok, co-founder of CLINTEL, a Dutch foundation, ask me to explain the U.S. controversy over the proposed SEC climate change rule for European audiences. Both the rule and the controversy are complicated, but I did my best. See the essay at here.

CO2 Sample Spacing in Ice Cores

Guest Post by Renee Hannon Introduction This post examines sample spacing for CO2 measurements in Antarctic ice cores during the past 800,000 years to better understand if gaps in sampling are too large to capture centennial fluctuations. The IPCC states: “Although ice core records present low-pass filtered time series due to gas diffusion and gradualContinue reading “CO2 Sample Spacing in Ice Cores”

Why does Boston Buy Natural Gas from Russia?

My latest op-ed appeared in American Greatness while I was on vacation, and I missed it, here is a quote and the link. A photo of an LNG tanker carrying Russian natural gas arriving in Boston Harbor 4 years ago can be seen here. “Europe is vulnerable and needs our natural gas; prices are absurdly high andContinue reading “Why does Boston Buy Natural Gas from Russia?”

Replacing the World’s Fossil Fuels

By Andy May U.S. progressives are convinced that fossil fuels must be replaced with renewables by 2050. The IEA even has a plan to do it. How will this work? Unlike progressives we value observational data over ideology, so let’s examine the data. According to ExxonMobil’s 2021 Outlook for Energy the world consumed 89.4 BBOEContinue reading “Replacing the World’s Fossil Fuels”