How much human-caused global warming should we expect?

By Andy May OMG! The world is going to end, and we caused it. This story, in one form or another, goes back to biblical times. According to Genesis (6:9 to 9:17) God decided that humans had sinned too much and must be punished, so he called up a great flood to destroy the world.Continue reading “How much human-caused global warming should we expect?”

Politifact or Politi-fiction?

By Andy May This is a critique of the coverage of the man-made climate change debate by It’s an update of a post I wrote last year. Journalism has not improved in the last 19 months and may actually be worse. Because Politifact is often characterized as an unbiased and credible source by theContinue reading “Politifact or Politi-fiction?”

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