Polar Push and Pull

Guest post by Renee Hannon IntroductionThis post examines regional temperature reconstructions during the past several thousand years relative to different baselines and the responses of end member deviants, the Arctic and Antarctic polar extremes. And it’s a quite interesting tug of war.

Climate Change is not a problem: Unless we make it one.

Guest Post by Martin Capages Jr. PhD PE INTRODUCTION As long as humans have been on Earth, they have been adapting to changes in regional climates. A regional climate is the average of the weather for a relatively long period of time, usually 30+ years, at a particular location on the planet. The natural periodicityContinue reading “Climate Change is not a problem: Unless we make it one.”

Earth’s Ice Ages

By Andy May The phrase “Ice Age” is poorly defined and often abused, so let’s first define the climate state during most ice ages. It is called “Icehouse Earth.” The earth is in an icehouse state when either or both poles are covered in a thick, permanent icecap (Scotese 2015). Today, both poles are coveredContinue reading “Earth’s Ice Ages”

A Review of Temperature Reconstructions

Review of temperature reconstructions for the past 4000 years

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