Clintel’s intervention in the Friends of the Earth – Shell Lawsuit

By Andy May Friends of the Earth (Netherlands) sued Royal Dutch Shell, using The Netherlands law that allows non-governmental organizations to sue over environmental or social issues that affect all citizens. They won a judgement that ordered Shell to reduce its emissions in 2030 by 45% compared to 2019. The reduction includes the emissions byContinue reading “Clintel’s intervention in the Friends of the Earth – Shell Lawsuit”

Nature promotes frivolous lawsuits

By Andy May A Dutch joke*: “The Judge asks an attorney pleading his case: ‘Am I ever to hear the truth?’ The attorney responds: ‘No, my Lord, only the evidence.’” It is safe to say that no evidence exists that man-made climate change has harmed anyone. Further man-made climate or climate change has never beenContinue reading “Nature promotes frivolous lawsuits”

The Exxon Climate Papers

A group of Democrat attorneys general and environmental activists are accusing ExxonMobil of lying about climate change. Is it true?

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