ExxonMobil Strikes Back!

By Andy May Update: Unfortunately, the Texas Supreme Court declined to review the court of appeals decision that the California governments do not have sufficient minimum contacts with Texas. This means the court cannot intervene in the case. However, the lower appeals court did say, according to the Texas Civil Justice League: “The court ofContinue reading “ExxonMobil Strikes Back!”

Steve Milloy wins against Exxon with SEC

By Andy May h/t Willie Soon Steve Milloy is the publisher of junkscience.com and trained as a lawyer and biostatistician. He was “lauded” as one of the top ten “climate deniers” by George Monbiot at the Guardian. Milloy has filed a shareholder proposal with Exxon-Mobil insisting that they account for their “greenwashing” activities that areContinue reading “Steve Milloy wins against Exxon with SEC”

The Exxon Climate Papers

A group of Democrat attorneys general and environmental activists are accusing ExxonMobil of lying about climate change. Is it true?

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