Can Google Bard AI Lie?

By Jonathan Cohler, Andy May, and Willie Soon Here we ask the question, can AI lie? It seems so. AI (artificial intelligence), is based on neural networks. The theory of learning and adaptive neural networks was first developed in the 1940s, probably by Donald Hebb, a Canadian psychologist, who described a process of learning thatContinue reading “Can Google Bard AI Lie?”

A Conversation with Google Bard on the Consensus

By Andy May It turns out it is trivially easy to get Google’s AI product “Bard” to admit it is biased about climate change. Others, like Jonathan Cohler have managed to get “Bard” to admit it lied. I didn’t get that far, but I did get it to admit to bias. The last portion ofContinue reading “A Conversation with Google Bard on the Consensus”

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