Willie Soon speaks at the University of Chicago

By Andy May Dr. Willie Soon gave a great presentation at the Federalist Society Chapter at the University of Chicago Law School on November 18, 2022. The title of his talk is: “The Corruption of Environmental Rulemakings at the US EPA: Climate Change, Mercury Emissions, and Air Quality” Willie Soon, 2022 Dr. Soon’s slide deckContinue reading “Willie Soon speaks at the University of Chicago”

Wash your Trash! Is recycling working?

By Andy May The recycling movement started in the 1970s and it has been very popular in Western countries. Participation varies with location, but in our small community of The Woodlands, Texas, over 90% participate in our curbside recycling program. However, the value of recycled materials has fallen dramatically in recent years because far tooContinue reading “Wash your Trash! Is recycling working?”

Why the Green New Deal is a Bad Deal for America

Dr. Martin Capages has written an excellent new book entitled Why the Green New Deal is a Bad Deal for America. He very effectively deconstructs the “Green New Deal.” He kindly asked me to write the Foreward for the book, so I am posting a slightly revised version here. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only the latest,Continue reading “Why the Green New Deal is a Bad Deal for America”

Extinctions and shutting down the Gulf Stream

By Andy May This is part four of our series on climate change costs and hazards. The first three parts were on humans and the environment, population and the food supply, and the cost of global warming. In this part we examine the assertion that man-made climate change, the growth of the human population, andContinue reading “Extinctions and shutting down the Gulf Stream”

Do humans harm the environment?

By Andy May This is the first of seven posts on the potential costs and hazards of human-caused global warming and the impact of humans on the environment in general. The IPCC WGII AR5 Technical Summary, defines “hazards” on page 39: “The potential occurrence of a natural or human-induced physical event or trend or physicalContinue reading “Do humans harm the environment?”

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