Past and Present Warming – A Temporal Resolution Issue

By Renee Hannon Christian Freuer has translated this post into German here. This post examines how present global surface temperatures compare to the past 12,000 years during the Holocene interglacial. The AR6 IPCC climate assessment report, Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis, by Working Group 1 states in their Summary for Policymakers section A.2.2: “GlobalContinue reading “Past and Present Warming – A Temporal Resolution Issue”

The Holocene Temperature Conundrum

By Andy May This post has been translated in German by Christian Freuer here. As my regular readers know, I’ve been writing about the Holocene, especially Holocene climate, for over ten years. My colleagues, Javier Vinós and Renee Hannon, have also written extensively on this topic. This fills a void left by the IPCC, whichContinue reading “The Holocene Temperature Conundrum”

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