These are some of the peer-reviewed papers and informal technical talks I’ve written over the years.

OTC 17643 “Using Wet Shale and Effective Porosity in a Petrophysical Velocity Model,” OTC, 2005. This is a paper on Xu-White velocity modeling. It was chosen to be highlighted in the May, 2006 JPT, p 54-55. The Petrophysical velocity model talk actually given at the 2005 OTC is here: Seismic_Velocity_Model_Talk

May_1991_EPT “Electromagnetic Propogation Log Interpretation on the Computer,” Geobyte, August, 1991. This is a paper I wrote in 1991 on analyzing the electromagnetic propagation logging tool. The text of the paper and the Fortran source for the program can be found here: EPT_Paper

MWD_Paper and 2000_talk “LWD Depth Control Problems,” SPE LWD Conference, Barton Creek CC, Austin, May, 2000. This was the second and final version of an LWD depth control talk, originally presented in 1995.

Capillary_Pressure_and_Net_Pay_Cutoffs I have presented this talk “Capillary Pressure and Net Pay Cutoffs,” many times at various SPWLA chapters. It describes a simple way to create a capillary pressure model and use it to support net pay cutoffs. This is a “how to” guide which shows the capillary pressure model development methodology in a step-by-step way: Cap_Pressure_Model_methodology. An abstract for the talk is here: Net Pay Cutoffs from Capillary Pressure Abstract

Notes_on_CEC_and_Bound_Water This talk “Notes on CEC and Bound Water” describes the influences on the volume of bound water in a rock. It shows that while clay volume (or wt%) and type is important, there are other chemical processes that can increase or decrease the volume of bound water significantly. The abstract for the talk is here: May_2013_Abstract_Notes on CEC and Bound Water

Binned_Perm_Talk In this talk I show that “binning” core permeability values and then fitting a linear porosity/logarithmic permeability line is different and better than fitting a line to the unbinned data. This talk was presented to the North Houston SPWLA Chapter in 2002.

Seismic_Petrophysics_Talk This is an introduction to seismic petrophysics that I presented to the Texas A&M SPWLA student chapter at their inaugural meeting in 2014. The abstract is here: Seismic_Petrophysics

Ong, May, George, Walker, and Zheng, 2000, spe64738_manuscript. This talk is entitled “An Accurate Characterization of Sand Strength in Weak and Unconsolidated Formations Aids Offshore Production Test Designs” was presented by Seehong Ong (senior author) in Beijing, China at the SPE Conference in 2000.

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