Koonin wins in Cornell Oxford Style Debate

By Andy May

Steve Koonin is still undefeated!

The Steamboat Institute hosted a Campus Liberty Tour Oxford style debate at Cornell University on Mar 15, 2023. Drs. Steven Koonin and Robert Socolow debated the resolution:

“Climate science compels us to make large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Atmospheric water vapor (TPW) and climate change

By Andy May

Christian Freuer has translated this post into German here.

In the latest IPCC major report, AR6, they report: “a best estimate of equilibrium climate sensitivity of 3°C, with a very likely range of 2°C to 5°C”.[1] They also report that CO2 concentration might control climate change.[2] This estimate includes the laboratory estimate that CO2 alone, if doubled in the atmosphere, would increase the average global surface temperature about 1.2°C.[3] The remaining 1.8°C (60%) is supposedly achieved through feedbacks to the initial CO2-caused warming. The main proposed feedback mechanism is an increase in atmospheric water vapor caused by the CO2 warmed air.[4] Water vapor is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, due to its greater abundance, and can cause more warming.[5]

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The Holocene Temperature Conundrum

By Andy May

This post has been translated in German by Christian Freuer here.

As my regular readers know, I’ve been writing about the Holocene, especially Holocene climate, for over ten years. My colleagues, Javier Vinós and Renee Hannon, have also written extensively on this topic. This fills a void left by the IPCC, which ignores the Holocene, a fact made very clear in my last two posts, here and here. Here I would like to review a very comprehensive and informative review article of what the authors, Darrell S. Kaufman and Ellie Broadman, call “The Holocene global temperature conundrum.” The paper was published in Nature February 15, just a little over a week ago. I was made aware of it by a reader who identifies himself as “Mike G,” he was also kind enough to send me a pdf of the article.

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The test that exonerates CO2

By Javier Vinós

This post has been translated into German by Christian Freuer here.

Most people don’t have a clear understanding of the greenhouse effect (GHE). It is not complicated to understand, but it is usually not well explained. It is often described as “heat-trapping,” but that is incorrect. Greenhouse gases (GHG) do not trap heat, even if more heat resides within the climate system due to their presence in the atmosphere. The truth is that after adjusting to a change in GHG levels, the planet still returns all the energy it receives from the Sun. Otherwise, it would continue warming indefinitely. So, there is no change in the energy returned. How do GHGs produce GHE?

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Holocene CO2 and the earlier IPCC Reports

By Andy May

This post has been translated into German by Christian Freuer here.

As I noted in my earlier post, “The IPCC AR6 Report Erases the Holocene,” the IPCC does not like to discuss the correlation between CO2 and temperature during the Holocene. It destroys their hypothesis that greenhouse gases and volcanos control Earth’s climate. Below is Javier’s plot of reconstructed Holocene temperatures, CO2 concentrations, methane concentration, and IPCC/CMIP climate modeled temperature. The plot is from Javier’s book, page 49.

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It is Time to Bury the Grand Solar Minimum Myth

This post has been translated to German by Christian Freuer here.

By Javier Vinós

Fourteen years ago, a new climate myth was born. A grand solar minimum (GSM) was in the making that would not only reverse global warming but plunge the planet into a new Little Ice Age, surprising the warming alarmists and causing undue suffering. The time has come to bury that myth.

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The IPCC AR6 Report Erases the Holocene

By Andy May

This post has been translated into German by Christian Freuer here.

You won’t find much in the IPCC AR6 report on the atmospheric CO2 concentration evolution during the Holocene. They talk a lot about how CO2 concentration compares to global temperature during the years since 1850 and over the past 800,000 years, but very little about the changes since 12,000 years ago. On page 44 of the Technical Summary, we see the figure shown below as Figure 1.

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Tom Nelson Interviews Javier Vinós

By Andy May

Tom Nelson interviewed Dr. Javier Vinós on January 31, 2023, the interview can be seen here. Or click on the image below.

Part of the interview was a prepared presentation. The text and some of the illustrations from Javier’s presentation are given below. The recorded interview has more illustrations and information than this post. It is quite good and recommended. Stay on to hear the discussion between Tom and Javier at the end, it is worth it. And look at the comments, they are very favorable.

Christian Freuer has translated this post into German if you prefer that language, see here.

Javier’s presentation:

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The Climate Alarmist’s Greatest Fear

By Andy May

Is it just me, or are the climate alarmists more unhinged than usual lately? Al Gore screaming about boiling oceans and rain bombs is just part of it. As Eric Worral has reported, the BBC blamed global warming for the lack of snow, just after they blamed global warming for colder winters. And, who can forget John Kerry’s World War II style mobilization to fight a possible man-made climate change disaster? What disaster? There is no observational evidence today that human activities are causing any climate-related problems and there is considerable evidence that warming and additional CO2 have been beneficial since the so-called “pre-industrial.”

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Billionaires and your natural gas stove

By Andy May

More on the environmental group’s plot against your natural gas stove in an exclusive Washington Times article here. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund hosted a meeting between them and dozens of high-ranking state officials at the Rockefeller mansion in Pocantico, New York. (added 1/27/2023)

Robert Bryce has investigated a new far left NGO called the Climate Imperative Foundation and found when combined with the other large anti-fossil-fuel NGOs they have three times the money the top pro-fossil-fuel organizations have. His full post can be found here.

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