Why does Boston Buy Natural Gas from Russia?

My latest op-ed appeared in American Greatness while I was on vacation, and I missed it, here is a quote and the link. A photo of an LNG tanker carrying Russian natural gas arriving in Boston Harbor 4 years ago can be seen here. “Europe is vulnerable and needs our natural gas; prices are absurdly high andContinue reading “Why does Boston Buy Natural Gas from Russia?”

Replacing the World’s Fossil Fuels

By Andy May U.S. progressives are convinced that fossil fuels must be replaced with renewables by 2050. The IEA even has a plan to do it. How will this work? Unlike progressives we value observational data over ideology, so let’s examine the data. According to ExxonMobil’s 2021 Outlook for Energy the world consumed 89.4 BBOEContinue reading “Replacing the World’s Fossil Fuels”

America’s Huge Natural Gas Reserves

By Andy May Greg Wrightstone, the Managing Director of the CO2 Coalition, has a new blog post describing the sadly underdeveloped super-giant natural gas fields along the U.S. East Coast. The combination of the Marcellus and Utica Shale reservoirs have more recoverable gas than any other gas field in the world, except for South Pars/NorthContinue reading “America’s Huge Natural Gas Reserves”

IEA: Global Coal Power Generation to Reach a New High in 2022

By Andy May It’s official, the IEA believes that coal-powered electricity generation will rise 9% in 2021 to an all-time high, once the final numbers are in. For the details see their new report here. It is not paywalled. The rise is driven by China and India, these countries account for two-thirds of global coalContinue reading “IEA: Global Coal Power Generation to Reach a New High in 2022”

We can eliminate fossil fuels, no problem!

By Andy May French President Macron has implemented a new fuel tax to discourage drivers from burning fossil fuels in their cars. The resulting higher fuel prices have caused more than 250,000 people to protest, with some rioting. Polls indicate that 62 percent of the population think that prioritizing man-made climate change over fuel pricesContinue reading “We can eliminate fossil fuels, no problem!”

The state of Shale Gas and Oil in the U.S.A. today

By Andy May A few news items from The Shale Gas News, by Bill desRosiers of Cabot Oil & Gas. The main paragraphs below are adapted from desRosiers, but I’ve added some detail. Things are looking very good for the U.S. oil, gas and coal industries.

Shale Reservoirs, do they work, will they spread?

By Andy May Popular accounts of shale oil and gas reservoirs are often riddled with errors and, even when technically correct, often misleading. As a shale petrophysicist, retired from Devon Energy, I thought I would try and explain, in a non-technical way, how these reservoirs work and why they have been so successful.

Poverty and Energy

By Andy May Poverty and access to energy are closely related. Although it probably isn’t possible to show that access to energy is the key reason so many have been lifted out of poverty in recent decades, the data and logic suggests that this so. In the United States, the average person uses about 300Continue reading “Poverty and Energy”

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