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By Andy May

In 2017 I wrote a post analyzing the data and literature surrounding the human impact on Earth’s environment. The analysis uses the U.N. IPCC’s definition of environmental harm. The sources are peer-reviewed articles or government and U.N. agencies. It is a very straightforward reporting of the facts and data.

That Linkedin banned David’s recommendation of the post shows we are becoming a totalitarian state, with thought and opinions regulated by corporate overlords. Honest, free discussion based on observations and straightforward statistical analysis is banned.

Obviously, Linkedin did not like the conclusion of the post:

We are living in a time of nearly boundless prosperity. The rate of poverty has plunged to unimaginable lows. This is a time when the definition of poverty in the United States is set so high, a poor person in the U.S. would be the envy of any wealthy person prior to World War II. Inequality in the world is at its lowest level ever and decreasing at a rapid rate. People who were born in abject poverty can now become doctors and lawyers. Why we still have doomsayers predicting the end of the world is beyond my understanding.

I guess if you hate humanity and yourself, that would be offensive.

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