Oscar May in World War I

By Andy May Note to readers: This post is not about climate change, but about a distant ancestor. Oscar May was the ninth child of Zachariah and Adelia May, he was born February 21, 1893. He is 15 years younger than my grandfather Ernest H. May, who was the oldest son. He was born onContinue reading “Oscar May in World War I”

Caleb May and Bleeding Kansas

By Andy May Note to reader, this post is not about climate change or science. Caleb May was born Jan. 19th, 1816 in Madison Co., Kentucky. His father, James May, died in 1830 when Caleb was just fourteen. His two older brothers, David and Isaac married in 1832, leaving him as the main support ofContinue reading “Caleb May and Bleeding Kansas”

The Sorrowful Tale of Charley May

By Andy May Note to readers, this post is not on climate change. It is an essay on the life of a distant and notorious relative of mine. Charles Floyd May as a young man Charles Floyd May was hanged April 17, 1903 at 9:43AM for shooting John Robert “Bob” Martin to death with aContinue reading “The Sorrowful Tale of Charley May”