Marcel Crok Speaks in the Danish Parliament

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By Andy May

Clintel’s Marcel Crok gave the Keynote Lecture at the Climate Realism conference: The Climate Emergency is Canceled. The conference was in Copenhagen, Denmark in their beautiful Parliament building. His presentation is in English (Marcel’s English is very good) and his presentation can be viewed on Youtube here.

Two men standing in front of a large building with Judges' Lodgings, Lancaster in the background

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Figure 1. Photo of Marcel Crok (left) and Wim Röst (right) in front of the Danish Parliament building. Photo: Hans-Henrik Juhl.

Marcel Crok:

“The errors we documented in [AR6] are so bad and so striking that one day [the IPCC must] react. … The IPCC should reform, or it should be dismantled. … [Currently] the IPCC is a really bad source…”

Marcel Crok
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Figure 2. Marcel speaking in the Danish Parliament at the conference. Photo taken by Hans-Henrik Juhl.

In my opinion, AR6 is the worst and most biased of the six major IPCC reports. Marcel’s message that there is no climate emergency and that the latest IPCC report, AR6, is deeply flawed and contains many critical errors. We document many of these errors in Clintel’s new book, The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC, An analysis of AR6. There are errors of omission; that is, ignoring published evidence that is contrary to the IPCC hypothesis that climate change is dangerous, as well as errors of bias.

Marcel highlights the resurrection of the infamous hockey stick from the third IPCC report, and tells the story of the refutation of the original, which he was involved in. The new AR6 hockey stick is thoroughly debunked in Chapter one of the book by Javier Vinós. Marcel also highlights how AR6 cites one flawed paper that attributes disaster losses to climate change, while 52 others, which were not cited, did not find a connection between climate and disaster losses. This error of omission is discussed in detail in Chapter 12 of the book. The authors of the book chapters include Javier Vinós, Kip Hansen, Nicola Scafetta, Fritz Vahrenholt, Ross McKitrick, Ole Humlum, as well as Marcel and me and a number of helpful reviewers.

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Figure 3. Marcel with our book. Photo by Hans-Henrik Juhl.

In his talk Marcel mentions that precisely that day protesters around the world demonstrated for the climate. Even so, the good news from the conference is that Clintel, Climate Realism, and our book show there is no climate emergency. This well-supported conclusion is ignored by the mainstream media. It seems that only the unlikely view that there is an impending climate catastrophe is presented to the public, which is, itself, a catastrophe.

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Figure 4. An Extinction Rebellion protest in The Hague, The Netherlands. Photo: Mick Krever, CNN. May 27,2023.

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Crok, M., & May, A. (2023). The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC, An Analysis of AR6.

Download Marcel’s powerpoint slides from the conference here.

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