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Thrilling Drone Videos

Videos taken with my drone in 2016 and 2017. All videos were shot by Andy May with a DJI Phantom 3 Drone.

All music in the videos is by Kevin Macleod.


Norman Island, British Virgin Islands
March/April 2017

Eagle Ray
A video of an Eagle Ray swimming near the Bahamas

Cooper Island, British Virgin Islands
March/April 2017

St. Johns, U.S. Virgin Islands
March/April 2017

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
March/April 2017

Lake Woodlands, Texas, West Shore
Shot in June of 2016

South Shore Lake Woodlands
Besides Lake Woodlands, it also shows a portion of Panther Trail golf course. The video was filmed June 27, 2016 about 10AM.

1930s Schlumberger wireline logging job
Shows how they logged wells in the early days! This is not a drone video but fun to watch, more here.

Houston’s Eleanor Tinsley Park
The drone takes off from Eleanor Tinsley Park, shows a dramatic view of downtown Houston, and then Henry Moore’s Large Spindle Piece sculpture.

Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park
A beautiful view of America’s most remote park. These 30 million year-old mountains are the only area where the Appalachia Mountains meet the Rocky Mountains.

A summary of the Virgin Island Drone adventure on the Miss Kitty with Captain Pat and Aline.

More information on The Woodlands, Texas and Lake Woodlands can be seen here.



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