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The Great Climate Change Debate, Karoly v Happer

A detailed description and analysis of an important climate change debate between Princeton Professor William Happer and University of Melbourne Professor David Karoly. Nothing clarifies controversial issues like a debate.

For those that like to listen to books in your car or wherever, the Kindle edition is text-to-speech enabled and the Alexa app can read the book to you with a pleasant voice.


Dr. Javier Vinós: “extraordinarily well written”, “This is an important book, because … society has been robbed of its right to a wide scientific debate on an important subject, [while] paying for only one side of the research.” 

Dr. Martin Capages Jr.: “Andy May has produced a very readable summary of the contentious debate and carefully explains both sides. In this well written book, you can read what the experts have to say with some clarity, consider their positions on this complex matter, and reach your own conclusions.” 

James Barham, the moderator of the debate: “I have looked your book over carefully. First, I think it is a great idea! It is certainly more user-friendly than the original debate was, as posted on TBS []. Second, I found neither anything to quarrel with substantively, nor even any typographical mistakes (admittedly, I was reading rapidly). In short, congratulations on a job extremely well done!”

David Siegel, best-selling author of Creating Killer Web Sites: “People who are enthusiastic about catastrophic climate change don’t usually want to debate scientists who ask hard questions. In this rare exception, Andy May takes the reader on a journey into the minds of two men who stand on opposite sides of a scientific chasm. I challenge you to read it and decide for yourself which one has the moral authority and the facts on his side. As usual, Andy deconstructs many of the key concepts to make them accessible. Above all, it becomes clear why people who claim the sky is falling don’t want to debate anyone as highly qualified as Will Happer on climate change. I highly recommend reading everything Andy May writes.”

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