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A petrophysicist with global experience integrating all well data into a single interpretation.

Specializing in

Fractured reservoir evaluation with wireline image logs, including fractured shale reservoirs like in the well shown below.


North America

Recent experience in East Texas, especially in the Haynesville Shale, Barnett Shale, Cotton Valley, Travis Peak, Haynesville Lime, and Buda.  Also, the Eagle Ford and Wilcox in South Texas and the San Andres, Grayburg and Canyon Reef in West Texas.  Lots of recent work in the Leadville in Colorado.   Some recent work in the Utica Shale in Ohio.  Extensive experience in the Gulf of Mexico.


Experience in Russia (West Siberia), Yemen, UK North Sea, Indonesia offshore, Brazil offshore, West Africa offshore, and China offshore and onshore.


Shale gas and shale oil petrophysics, seismic rock physics, elastic (mechanical) properties, sonic waveform analysis, conventional reservoir petrophysics, fractured reservoir analysis, NMR log analysis, capillary pressure analysis, whole core acquisition and analysis, formation test (MDT/RCI) analysis, wireline image analysis and processing, logging/coring/mud logging operations and planning.

Additional Information

Download resume here.

A selected list of published papers and presentations can be seen here.

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