Comparing the Kobashi and Alley Central Greenland Temperature Reconstructions

By Andy May In 2000, Richard Alley released an ice core temperature reconstruction for Central Greenland using Oxygen isotope ratios. He describes the technique used here. I used this ice core proxy data in a previous post “Climate and Civilization for the past 4,000 years.” Since Alley’s data stops at 1855, I spliced the GreenlandContinue reading “Comparing the Kobashi and Alley Central Greenland Temperature Reconstructions”

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, I know you’re busy, so I will summarize my key points briefly. I do agree with you on most issues, but some of your positions are show stoppers for me. My entire focus in this presidential campaign is on jobs and the economy. I realize your website says you wantContinue reading “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton”

The Exxon Climate Papers

A group of Democrat attorneys general and environmental activists are accusing ExxonMobil of lying about climate change. Is it true?

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