Politifact or Politi-fiction?

By Andy May This is a critique of the coverage of the man-made climate change debate by Politifact.com. It’s an update of a post I wrote last year. Journalism has not improved in the last 19 months and may actually be worse. Because Politifact is often characterized as an unbiased and credible source by theContinue reading “Politifact or Politi-fiction?”

The Kerr-McGee Bohai Bay Block 0436 20 year Reunion

Those of us that worked to obtain block 0436 in Bohai Bay, China and were involved in the discoveries met today (July 28, 2016) in Greg Cleveland’s beautiful Memorial Area home for a 20th anniversary celebration of the first discovery. Quite a few were able to come. The block has gone back to the ChineseContinue reading “The Kerr-McGee Bohai Bay Block 0436 20 year Reunion”

A Review of Temperature Reconstructions

Review of temperature reconstructions for the past 4000 years

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