Thermodynamics and the greenhouse effect

There is an exciting new post on here, that discusses a new paper on thermodynamics and the greenhouse effect.  In addition to Gerlich and Tscheuschner and the new paper Hertzberg, et al. (2017), the recent paper Kramm and Dlugi (2011) is interesting. Yes, indeed, all objects radiate energy if their temperature is above absoluteContinue reading “Thermodynamics and the greenhouse effect”

Lindzen, Soon and Spencer debunked?

By Andy May On Bret Stephens facebook page, I complimented Mr. Stephens on what I thought was a very good column. I also noted that the eminent climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen had said similar things. To this a George Smith replied, in part, as follows: “Few “skeptics” have been debunked as much as LindzenContinue reading “Lindzen, Soon and Spencer debunked?”

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