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Why I left

Like many of my friends, I’ve decided to leave They removed two recent posts of mine, one of them was an announcement of this post. Their stated excuse was:

“your content goes against our Professional Community Policies”

I studied their “Professional Community Policies” and did not see how I had violated any of them. Both posts were well researched, well supported with references and links, respectful, accurate, professional, and truthful.

They own the linkedin platform and are entitled to set their own policies, I have no problem with that. But if they have determined that I violated them, which one? How did I violate the policy? They refused to explain, so it is reasonable to conclude that they did not agree with what I wrote and decided to censor it arbitrarily. The fact that they did not explain their decision, is really what bothers me. If they censor a post, I deserve to know why.

If you read the post and can see anything that violated linkedin’s policies, let me know in the comments, I’m all ears.

I plan to continue writing and you will be able to read my posts and comment on them here. I will also continue placing the posts on, many other sites also pick up my posts, including, EIKE (in German), and elonionbloggle. I also encourage you to subscribe to my blog so you will be notified when I post something. The subscribe button is at the bottom of each page, if you have any trouble with it let me know. Subscribing is free and I do not share email addresses with anyone. Feel free to post this anywhere, including on linkedin.

I should add that I have an Op-ed that the Washington Examiner has scheduled for April 10, 2022. Watch for it.

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