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Key documents in the Exxon-Mobil lawsuit by state Attorneys General

Exxon Knew

By Andy May

A reader has pointed out that many of the links in my 2016 post on the Exxon-Mobil Climate Papers are busted. This means that the documents have been removed from the internet or moved to another location. I had copies of many of the documents on my hard drive, so I’ve uploaded them and the links to them are below.

First some helpful links to my original posts:

ExxonMobil sues Massachusetts Attorney General

The Exxon Climate Papers

The supporting documents that I could find:

The court case articles

The Exxon Internal memos

The Exxon peer-reviewed papers

Exxon Mobil and Free Speech

Finally, another useful link to and article on ExxonMobil’s court win.

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